Import Paper Wallet Private Key To Dogecoin QT Wallet


Looking forward to withdraw Dogecoins form paper wallet or Instructions to import private keys to Dogecoin QT Wallet ?

As you know, paper wallets (if done properly) are the most secure way to store your coins in cold storage, in previous post we already covered, How To Generate Dogecoin Paper Wallet. In this post we’ll discuss how to import paper wallet private keys in to Dogecoin QT wallet.

Official QT wallet supports an “importprivkey” RPC method for this purpose. Following are the instructions to import private keys to your wallet.

Import Paper Wallet to Dogecoin QT Wallet :

First and foremost make a backup of your wallet.dat file (instructions here) before doing anything.

Step 1 : Launch your Dogecoin-QT client in Offline Mode. This is more secure to import private keys. Once QT client is up, go to Help >> Debug window from the menu bar and then click on “Console ”.

Step 2 : If your wallet is encrypted you must unlock it first. If not just skip this step and follow step 3. To unlock your wallet, run the following command without quotes, where 600 stands for the seconds your wallet is unlocked.

walletpassphrase "Your Passphrase" "600"

dogecoin 1

Step 3 : Now import your private key using following command without quotes.

importprivkey "yourPrivateKey" "Label"

dogecoin 2

Step 4 : Wait for 2-5 minutes while Wallet imports your private key. After 2-5 minutes check your address book for newly imported address.

dogecoin 3

Step 5 : That’s it. Now you can send these coins to wherever you want.

Note : Since the private key has now been imported to your wallet, it would be no longer consider as cold storage anymore.

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