How To Setup Litecoin Wallet On PC


Litecoin QT client on your PC is equivalent of wallet in your pocket but in digital format. Your Litecoin QT client or Litecoin software wallet allows you to transact your coins with other users or services. They give you complete ownership over your wallet. You are solely responsible for protecting your money and doing backups.

Setting up a Litecoin PC wallet is as easy as one two three. Following are the instructions to setup a Litecoin wallet on your personnel computer. Specifically, it will guide you through the process of installing the Litecoin-QT client for Windows.

Setup Litecoin Wallet on Windows PC

Step 1 : Download Litecoin QT client (official download here) for Windows and install it by clicking Next.

Step 2 : Now launch Litecoin QT client, a new window will open and connections will start up in minutes. Installing the client will begin to download the whole blockchain size 3GB +. You can locate blockchain data in C:/ Users > Your User Name  > AppData > Roaming > Litcoin.

Litecoin QT

Wait for sync to finish, it may take 3-10 hours depending on your PC / Internet speed.

Step 3 : Once your wallet / client finished syncing with blockchain click on ‘Receive’ button. Here you can generate a new Litecoin receiving address.

Litecoin Wallet

Generally a Litecoin address is 34 – 36 character long and starts with L. This address is all you need to receive payments.

Step 4 : If you want to send some coins to another litecoin service just click on ‘Send’ tab, enter the receivers address, enter the amount and click on ‘send’ button.

Note : Also check the following instructions to secure your wallet and coins.

Step 5 : That’s it

If you are looking forward to buy some litecoins with Paypal / Credit Card then follow these instructions. How To Buy Litecoin With Paypal, Credit Card.

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