Primecoin Cloud Mining Guide Using DigitalOcean


As you know Primecoin mining is currently restricted to CPU only. With the rising awareness regarding Primecoin, it is now profitable to rent cheap cloud servers and put them on mining coins. Following are the instructions to mine Primecoin on a DigitalOcean’s $5 Droplet.

 Instructions :

Step 1. Create an account on Digital Ocean (signup referral link).

Step 2. Login to your account and click on Get Started button, you’ll be redirected to billing page to enter your payment details. You can use both Paypal and Credit Card.

CoinQA Bonus : Enter OMGSSD10 promo code to receive $10 free credit. You’ve to enter CC details, or topup with PayPal to activate bonus amount.

Step 3. Create a droplet, you can choose between single core and multicore processors here. I personally prefer and recommend 2CPU droplet with 2GB RAM.

digitalocean maxcoin

Step 4. Next, you have to select the geographical region where you want your droplet to be running. Choose the closest to you.

Step 5. Next, select “Ubuntu 13.04 x64” which is under the Linux Distributions tab.

Step 6. You will be emailed an IP address and password shortly to your registered e-mail.

Step 7. Download Putty (download link) choose the windows installer. Once PuTTY is downloaded, start the program and Fill the “Host Name” field with the Droplet IP address from the welcome email, make sure the port number is 22, and the connection type is SSH.

digitalocean maxcoin mining

Additionally, click on the sidebar entry, SSH, and select “2 only” as the preferred SSH protocol version. Once everything is configured, you can name and save these preferences.

Step 8. Double click on the session name to connect, and accept the subsequent pop up that asks if you want to connect to the host. After PuTTY starts up, type in the root password that was emailed to you.

Step 9. Now copy paste the following commands one by one to configure and mine coin.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install yasm -y git make g++ build-essential libminiupnpc-dev
sudo apt-get install -y libboost-all-dev libdb++-dev libgmp-dev libssl-dev dos2unix
git clone
cd ~/primecoin/src
make -f makefile.unix

By executing all the above mentioned commands, you will install all the necessary drivers and programs to mine Primecoin on cloud.

These command may take some time to execute so be patient. Once everything is set up, you’ll be able to start your Primecoin miner and point it at a pool.  To make it easier we’ve provided the settings for mining on Mining on only require your primecoin address, use your Primecoin address as the username and coins will be automatically sent once they reach a threshold of 3 XPM.

To start your miner, type the below code replacing the <> and <Primecoin Address> with your specific settings.

./primeminer -poolip=<> -poolport=1337 -pooluser=<Primecoin Address> -poolpassword=PASSWORD -genproclimit=<# of cores>

Choose your IP from the following options:

   1:  EU   :
   2:  US   :
   3:  ASIA :

Once running, it should look something like this:


Step 10. That’s it. You can use same instructions to create multiple droplets, at the moment digital ocean allows up to 5 droplets for newer accounts. You can later ask the support section to increase your droplet limit.

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