Lealana : Gorgeous Physical Litecoins Made Of Silver


Lealana Litecoins are physical coins made of real silver and each one is worth 10 real digital litecoin. Lealana coins are created by Litecoin enthusiast Noah Luis, the coins come in values of 10 LTC, and can only be paid for in Litecoins. Each coin is made of .999 fine Silver, has a diameter of about of 30 mm (or 1.1811 inches).

Physical Litcoins by  Lealana

Currently, 1 LTC is worth about $2.6, but you can’t purchase a Lealana coin with US dollars, as Litecoin / Bitcoin is the only accepted form of payment. One Lealana coin costs 28 LTC + shipping extra, U.S. Shipments costs 10 LTC and Non U.S. Shipments is 18 LTC.

Lealana Litecoin

Each physical coin contains a 51 character private key, which can be redeemed with official Litecoin QT client. In order to redeem the LTC kept on the coin, you simply follow our previous tutorial to import Litecoin private key to QT client.

Lealana Gorgeous Physical Litecoins Made Of Silver

Currently no website is available to order this coin but you can place your order at official thread on Litecoin forum, just register with litecoin forum and check this thread. You have to book your spot by sending a PM with your requirement of 1 OR 2 coins and Smoothie will respond with a PGP signed message with your order payment address to send funds to (LTC/BTC). Smoothie also promised official site for coins very soon.

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