Winklevoss Brothers Planning An IPO For Bitcoin


The Winklevoss twins are planning to start a Bitcoin asset management company. Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, twin brothers, known for their conflict with Mark Zuckerberg, are planning an initial public offering for the digital currency Bitcoin. Attention of VC fundings, now this IPO planning may take the hacker currency into the mainstream.


These plans go from an application to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, filed in July. The Bitcoin Trust would therefore allot shares worth around 20 million dollars (15 million euros) – for $ 20 face value. The Shares are designed for investors who are looking for a cost effective and convenient way to get to Bitcoins, says the brothers.

The Winklevoss twins had already announced that they are large Bitcoin investors. It was said that they would own approximately one percent of all bitcoins issued by that time, which roughly translate to $ 10 million at current price rate.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is traded independently of the official rate. Its cost has jumped in recent months, but is altogether different extreme instability. Now one unit of Bitcoin is worth less than $ 80 from a record high of more than $ 260.

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