How To Get Auroracoin Address To Receive Coins


Looking forward to get your own Auroracoin address and setting up Auroracoin wallet on your PC ?  Following are the instructions to setup your wallet and generate your address.

Setup Auroracoin Wallet 

The Auroracoin wallet is much like the physical wallet where you hold your paper money, coins, and credit cards. Setting up your own wallet is very easy, so let’s get started. First of all you’ve to go to the Auroracoin official site (click here), where you will find the download link for the wallet. Currently Windows version and Mac version are available on the official site.

Once the download is complete, you will need to open the .zip file and extract its contents anywhere on your computer. Look inside the extracted folder and run the executable. For Mac, you will only need to run the .dmg file and you will be all set.

Once the wallet is running you have to sync up with the Auroracoin network and download the blockchain. The blockchain is basically a public ledger of every transaction happening in the Auroracoin network. Any transferring of Auroracoins can be seen by looking through the blockchain.

Getting Your Auroracoin Address :

Now that you have a wallet you’ll need an address so people (or pools) can actually send you Auroracoins. This is easy to do, simply click on receive coins. On this page you can see your  default “Auroracoin Address” which is 32 – 36 character long and starts with A. This address is all you need to receive payments.

How To Get Your Own Auroracoin Address

You’ll use this address for all transactions from here on out. Think of it as your deposit box. You can also generate new address as per your requirements.

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