Instructions To Get A Bitcoin Address


How to get a bitcoin address ? How to generate a bitcoin address ? I just downloaded bitcoin wallet on my PC but i don’t find any bitcoin address. These are some of the questions we are getting almost daily from our readers. In this article we’ll show you various ways to get your very own bitcoin address.

Let’s start with bitcoin address : bitcoin address is just like email address, Facebook i’d  etc. Bitcoin address is an identifier of 27-34 alphanumeric characters, beginning with the number 1 or 3. For example “ 12B2grAGYY8A8jGJbA6KDxvxVptJFSfnEV

You can obtain or generate your personal address with in bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin wallet are similar to real wallet, only difference is bitcoin wallet are digital and they store your coins. If you loose your wallet, you loose your money. Currently there are two types of bitcoin wallet > Software wallets and Web wallets. Let’s start with Software wallet.

Software Wallet

  • Download and install official bitcoin QT client for your respective operating system. Download Here.
  • Now launch Bitcoin client, a new window will open and connections will start up in minutes. The client will begin to download the whole blockchain which may take 3-12 hours depending on your internet speed. Total blockchain size is 10 GB +.
  • Now click on Receive coins tab, click on New Address button, type the name for your bitcoin address and press OK.


  • That’s it. You just created your very own bitcoin address to receive coins in your wallet.

Web Wallets

Web wallets, are relatively easy to set up. You don’t need any software installation on your PC and whole process takes only 5-10 minutes. Web wallets are insecure in comparison to software wallets, since you are depend on a third party. However, you must choose your web wallet service with care and research. As of today, no web wallet service provide enough insurance to be used to store value like a bank. We are listing some of credible online wallets.

P.S. if you have enough disk space on your PC and sufficient internet connection, we strongly advise you to install a software wallet.


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