How To Create Litecoin Paper Wallet


Litecoin paper wallet, The safest way to store your precious Litecoins outside of a computer or electronic device witch can be stolen or hacked. A paper wallet is actually just a piece of paper with the Wallet hash and the private key printed on it.

Personally I prefer to keep 70% of my funds on my paper wallet because then I know someone cannot steal my coins and i am also safe from Hard Disk Failure or similar problems.

In this guide we’ll generate a paper wallet on offline computer (Mac / Linux Preferred) using Liteaddress service. For a complete anonymity you can use other ways like a clean fresh installed OS, Linux live boot disk or a newly installed Virtual Machine (VMware).

Warning : Following instructions are fully tested by ourselves and community members. If this is your fist time, then read this guide 3-4 times and then generate paper wallet on your own.

First do a small deposit and withdraw transaction to check if the paper wallet is working for you or not.

Instructions To Generate Litecoin Paper Wallet :

Step 1. Download the Liteaddress client from GitHub (source here) (download here) and save on your flash drive.

Step 2. Boot your completely offline OS or Linux Live CD, whatever you find comfortable.

Step 3. Put your flash drive in and open the .html file you saved. Now you can safely generate your keys without any online interaction. You don’t have to go online!

Generate Litecoin Paper Wallet

Step 4. Print your keys on paper and secure them in a safe place. You can also  save the webpage as a .pdf file to keep a digital backup on a flash drive.

Step  5. First key is your Litecoin Address, you can transfer your Litecoins to this address, which is printed down on paper and hasn’t ever touched the Internet.

Step 6. That’s it. Now secure your paper wallet to a safe place.

Also Check Second Part : Guide To Import And Redeem Litecoin Paper Wallet

Note : 1. Paper wallets should be produced on a computer not connected to the Internet.

2. It’s proven that antivirus software cannot completely rule out the possibility of malware. However, using bootable Linux CD prevents the vast majority of malware from being able to run.

3. The private keys of paper wallets should never be saved to a computer hard drive, online cloud service or e-mail etc.

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6 thoughts on “How To Create Litecoin Paper Wallet

  1. So, now that I sent LTC to a paper wallet, how do I get it off using Litcoin Qt?

  2. HI..! Please help.!
    I need confirmation, I have chosen the brain wallet and picked passwords and it gave me a Litecoin address and private key.
    Question: Are these addresses now active?
    Every time I push ‘paper wallet’ it gives me different litecoin address code, do these have to be activated or are they valid and I just have to keep one to use it?……THANX

  3. You can sweep the private key onto an online wallet service, then send them out to another paper wallet when you get paranoid of leaving your money on the online service.

  4. Can some one please explain how this works?

    If i generate a wallet address+private key offline, how does the blockchain keep a record of this? If i was to send funds to this address how does the blockchain even know this address exists if it was created offline? please anybody?

    • @johny just send 0.01 ltc as test amount and check the blockchain after 30 minutes.

    • andrew borntrager says:

      The blockchain doesnt have record off it until you send funds (load) your wallet with crypto (you have to be ONLINE to load crypto). Your address will be part of the blockchain-you can freely share this information. DON’T share your spend/private key portion.

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