Cointerra Announces 28nm, 500 GH/s Asic Chips


Cointerra announced their first ASIC chip – GoldStrike1 (aka GS1). Goldstrike1 is based on a 28nm chip design and claimed to have a hash rate greater than 500 GH/s at a power consumption of significantly less than 1 watt/GH. Lower power consumption is definitely an advantage over KNCMiner, which offers around 2.5 Watts per Gigahash.

Cointerra announces 28nm chip specs

Cointerra is lead by Ravi Iyengar, Ravi was Lead CPU Architect at Samsung Corporation. Ravi is joined by Chief Architect Dr. David Tannenbaum, a principal engineer at NVIDIA, and VP of Engineering Jim O’Connor.

Cointerra believes that by customizing their ASIC design to perform the SHA256 calculations they will be able to produce a much more efficient chips in comparison to their competitors. The GS1 chips are expected to arrive later this year while pre-orders starting this months end. To reduce schedule risk company already partnered with Open-Silicon, an experienced manufacturer of ASIC chip technology.

Pricing Information isn’t revealed yet, but Ravi promises a reasonable price. “Our rates will be quite low, because our cost of Gigahash production will be far lower. We can afford to really have our products discounted,” he says.

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