CipherMine Poised To Become Asicminer Of Litecoin


CipherMine, virtual mining company specialized in cryptocoin mining (Bitcoin and Litecoin)listed it’s shares on a virtual stock exchange LTCGlobal Exchange. Kate Craig-Wood, a highly successful and well-known British entrepreneur is the principal founder of CipherMine.

CipherMine went public trading on the LTCGlobal Exchange on 24th June with a public offering of 10,000 shares of its common stock were sold to the public at 0.667 LTC each. At the time of writing a single share was being traded for 4 LTC.

CipherMine Litecoin IPO

Kate Craig-Wood, CipherMine’s founder said, “With bitcoin mining, our main near-term activity, it is imperative that we acquire as many of the latest mining chips as possible as soon as possible. Sky-rocketing difficulty, and the consequential reduction in bitcoin mining productivity, means that it will be decisive, early movers who reap the rewards. We have therefore passed a motion to issue more share capital to capitalise on the current interest in Litecoins, and invest in another 3,000 – 4,000 ASIC mining chips as well as more GPU mining rigs.”

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