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Bitcoin Price Back To The Moon In 2016

Bitcoin Back To The Moon Bitcoin was “Declared Dead” in 2015,  Bitcoin price is “Back To The Moon” in 2016 making it one of the best performing asset in 2016. After the declining spree in the first half of 2015 and stable course in later half here comes the roller coaster ride for bitcoin in the first half of 2016. […] Continue reading →

Mark Karpeles Resigns From Bitcoin Foundation

Mark Karpeles, CEO of Mt. Gox, the largest bitcoin exchange based in Tokyo, resigned on Sunday from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation, according to the Wall Street Journal. WSJ journalist also tried to call Mt. Gox’s office in Tokyo, goes unanswered. The move comes after continuous criticization of longstanding technical issues that began last […] Continue reading →

Anonymous Drug Marketplace SilkRoad 2 Hacked

silkroad 2 Silk Road 2, an anonymous marketplace for illegal drugs, has allegedly been hacked and robbed all of it’s Bitcoin. However, there are doubts about the credibility of this story and Silk Road users blaming this as insider job. The total amount of stolen coins are not known yet but one Computer Security Researcher, Nicholas Weaver claims […] Continue reading →

BTC-e Under Investigation By Russian Criminal Agencies

BTC-e one of the most popular Bitcoin exchange is now under serious investigation by Bank of Russia and other Russian agencies. According to Wikipedia BTC-e was responsible for 33% of overall Bitcoin trades in October 2013. BTC-e exchange is believed to be a Russian company founded by two Russian programmers Aleksey and Alexander. Yesterday Volgograd […] Continue reading →

Russia Becomes The First Country To Completely Ban Bitcoin

Central Bank Of Russia Last week Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia) released a statement to warn their citizens to stay away away from any Bitcoin related service whether it’s mining, transfers or as payment processing. Central Bank also made it clear that any individual or company found using Bitcoin will be automatically charged with “supporting […] Continue reading →

How Does The Future Look For Bitcoin In 2014?

Bitcoin Price 2013 Economists predict the bitcoin value to reach 10,000$ in 2014 It’s been a up and down couple of weeks for the Bitcoin market as it crashed down and jumped up in the matter of a week. In spite finishing the 2013 season with a shunt, the future of the bitcoin looks ever so bright. A […] Continue reading →

ED Raided Two Bitcoin Trading Exchanges In India

Bitcoin Raid In India Enforcement Directorate officials in Ahmedabad invaded two companies that were running Bitcoin transactions in India, after the RBI handed out a admonitory message regarding the use of one of the most popular virtual currency in the world. Enforcement Directorate officials told ET that on Thursday they raided the offices of and After FBI […] Continue reading →

Asia’s Richest Man Invested In Bitpay

Asia’s richest man just invested in bitpay While the Investors trying to earn money through the global bitcoin jackpot and running after this quasi currency itself, instead they should follow Li Ka-shing lead who bought the firms providing the services that bitcoin traders use. Richest man in Asia, Li Ka-shing has invested in BitPay, using his venture capital company, Horizons Ventures. A […] Continue reading →

Bitcoin Price On Roller Coaster As China Goes Hard

Bitcoin Price Crash China continues to crackdown on Bitcoin, as the prices of virtual currency keep falling. As of early morning on Wednesday, the Bitcoin price went down to around $500 along major exchanges. This has been the lowest market price for Bitcoin since early November. Two weeks earlier, China’s central bank prohibited local financial institutions from dealing […] Continue reading →