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How To Buy NEM With Paypal or Credit Card {XEM}

How to buy NEM with Paypal? Buy NEM with credit card or debit card? What are the alternatives to buy NEM (XEM) via Paypal? Is buying NEM via Paypal safe? We’ll try to answer your questions in this this post, let’s start with learning a bit about NEM first. What is NEM NEM is a […] Continue reading →

How to Setup NEM Nano Wallet Running on Windows PC

This post is about how to setup NEM Nano Wallet on Windows PC, same instructions can be used on Mac OS and Linux. Year 2017 was blockbuster for many cryptocoins and NEM was one of the top performing crypto. NEM (XEM) posted a staggering 28000% returns in 2017 (source). NEM has rebuilt itself in the […] Continue reading →