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Primecoin Cloud Mining Guide Using DigitalOcean

As you know Primecoin mining is currently restricted to CPU only. With the rising awareness regarding Primecoin, it is now profitable to rent cheap cloud servers and put them on mining coins. Following are the instructions to mine Primecoin on a DigitalOcean’s $5 Droplet.  Instructions : Step 1. Create an account on Digital Ocean (signup […] Continue reading →

How To Mine Primecoin (XPM) With PC

How To Mine Primecoin (XPM) With PC Primecoin – the first scientific computing cryptocurrency is now available at official website. Primecoin is the first non-hashcash proof-of-work in cryptocurrency, it’s pure prime number based proof-of-work. Primecoin mining results in data that is scientifically useful, something Bitcoin sadly lacks. At the time of release only CPU mining is available, while GPU mining is being […] Continue reading →