Buy Microsoft Xbox Live Gold Membership Card With Bitcoins


If you are looking forward to buy Xbox 360 Live Gold Membership, Xbox 360 Live Microsoft points or Xbox Live Microsoft Cards for bitcoins, then is your ultimate choice. Just create an account with PCgamesupply, select your required product in left sidebar and choose to pay with bitcoins in checkout page. Your Membership card or Microsoft points will be delivered to you digitally in some time. We personally purchased some points from these guys, the service was very quick and the premium they charge were fairly minimal. PCgamesupply offers US Region, Canada Region, EU Region, Australia, UK, Japan region, they also supports worldwide instant digital delivery.

Xbox Points for Bitcoins

Since bitcoin is very volatile in pricing, the final price for your order in bitcoin may vary time to time. In short we found pcgamesupply service very quick, safe and reliable. Check out the following instructions for more details.

Instructions :

Step 1 : Go to pcgamesupply and create an account with them.

Step 2 : Click on Xbox Gold Card option in left sidebar.

Step 3 : Choose whatever you want to purchase for your Microsoft account and add to cart.

Step 4 : In the checkout windows you can update your quantities etc. When you are satisfied with your order simply hit the Bitcoin Checkout button.

Microsoft Xbox Points Bitcoin

Step 5 : Now you will be redirected to bitpay page, you’ll be greeted with a unique bitcoin deposit address / QR code to send your payment. This address will be valid for 15 minutes only.

Xbox Gold for Bitcoins

Step 6 : That’s it. Just sit back and relax, you’ll receive your card in no time. If you still have any doubt then check out the video tutorial right after the break.

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