Buy Auroracoin With Paypal Or Credit Card – Guide


Are you looking forward to Buy Auroracoin With PayPal Or credit Card ? Well you just landed on the right page, following are the step by step instructions to buy some Auroracoins with PayPal, Credit Card.

Auroracoin (AUR), has experienced a meteoric rise right after it’s launch. By the time of writing this post, total market capital value of the crypto-currency was around 1 Billion USD. Auroracoin is now the third largest crypto-currency after Bitcoin at first place and Ripple with second.

 buy Auroracoin with paypal

Auroracoin is designed to have 10,602,201 coins maximum in lifetime and fifty per cent of all Auroracoins have been pre-mined, and will be given out via an ‘Airdrop’ to citizens of Iceland on 25th March. According to official website each claimants will be required to submit state-issued ID numbers in order to receive the coins.

As you know it’s near to impossible to buy any crypto currency with paypal due to fraudulent chargebacks cases where someone buy coins with Paypal, Credit Card then receives the coins and fraudulently complains to Paypal or their credit card company that they never received the goods.

Fortunately VirWoX exchange found a way to avoid chargebacks by selling Linden $ first, this is a long method, including two exchanges and bitcoin but this is the easiest and safest way to buy Auroracoin with Paypal or Credit Card.

Instructions to buy Auroracoin with paypal :

Step One : Follow these instructions to Buy Bitcoins With Paypal & Credit Card and buy some bitcoins first.

Why Bitcoin First ? VirWoX is the only exchange selling Bitcoin with paypal or credit card. That’s why we have to take alternative route and two exchanges.

Step Two : Create a new account at Cryptsy exchange (Click here) we’ll use this account to buy Auroracoin with Bitcoin.

Step Three : Login to your Cryptsy account you created in previous step, click on the deposit button on the top.


Hover your mouse pointer on Bitcoin and click on Deposit Bitcoin and then click on Generate your bitcoin deposit address. Note down this address and move forward to next step.


Step Four : Now login to VirWoX account you created in step one and go to “Withdraw” section, first option is bitcoin withdrawal. Now add bitcoin payee address you generated in previous step and hit the withdrawal button.


Note : For new VirWoX accounts, bitcoin transfer can take up to 48 hours.

Step Five : Now login to Cryptsy and click Trade on the top navigation menu.


Click on (AUR/BTC) to buy Auroracoin with your recently transferred bitcoins (click here).


In the next window you can enter the buy order details.


 Step Six : Now you can anytime transfer your recently bought Auroracoin to your wallet, just click on Balances (click here), then hover mouse pointer over Auroracoin and click on withdraw AUR button, then it will ask you to type in how much coins you would like to withdraw, and the address of where you want to send this money.

That’s it. If you still have any doubt or question, ask us in comments section right after the break.

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