Bitcoin Price Rises Above 1100 Dollars (USD)


The price of the bitcoin has again risen above 1100 USD, with a percentage price increase of 3.09% in the past 24 hours. Yesterday, the value of digital currency was already over a thousand dollars. With a high of 1139.37 USD on January 5, 2017 early this month, there is a good growth opportunity at the current rate. At the time of writing bitcoin price was hovering around 1126$, a move above $1,161.85 will have bitcoin trading at its best level since November 2013. For Bitcoin veterans the current price rise is nothing new, digital currency is known for hefty price fluctuations.
Bitcoin 1100 USD

Few days ago, the Seeking Alpha website published an analysis of the possibility that Bitcoin could be used as an exchangeable asset on the stock exchange, a matter to which several companies have already applied and are waiting for a decision by The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Analysts also speculated that the price of bitcoin could reach $ 3,678 dollars if approved, and $ 551 dollars if it is rejected by SEC.

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