Angry Bitcoiners Protest Apple’s Dictatorship By Smashing iPhone’s To Death


Last night Apple has removed Blockchain iPhone app from it’s app store without any notice and specific reason. Blockchain iPhone app was the  only bitcoin wallet available in App Store. The app was used by more than 1,20,000 peoples since last two years. Blockchain info also posted a response to Apple on their official blog (read here). Nicolas Cary, the CEO of Blockchain says that his app was pulled because Apple sees bitcoin as a potential competitor. It is believed that apple has patented some sort of digital monetary transactions system and they see Bitcoin as their competitor.

To protest Apples anti-competitive and censorship policies, one redditor named round-peg posted a bounty to gift five Nexus 5 for those who smash their iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S beyond reparability & post a video on YouTube. Within hours another redditor named netpastor posted a video of smashing his iPhone 5 32 GB. You can check the video right after the break.

Within minutes round-peg fulfilled his promise and bought netpastor a shiny new Galaxy 5.


At the time of writing one iPhone was smashed to death and four more were left in bounty.


Edit : Here goes another iPhone by oscarchapa, now three more left.

Third one :

Fourth one :

Fifth One :

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