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It was just a matter of time and just like Bitcoin, Plus500 becomes the first CFD broker to launch Online Litecoin CFD Trading. If you don’t know about CFD then read this first, CFD stands for “Contracts for Difference” in other words, CFD allows you to trade without on Litecoin pricing without owning the underlying instrument itself. It’s just like betting with the broker that the price will go up or down.

Trade Litecoin Online

For example : Lets assume you want to day trade 1,000 Litecoins from an exchange, a CFD trader could instead buy a 1000 CFDs of Bitcoin on Plus500. A $2 fall per coin would give the CFD customer a $2,000 loss or a $2 rise per coin would give the CFD customer a $2,000 profit , just as if he had purchased the actual coin that are traded on the exchange i.e. BTC-e. You can join Plus500 (Click Here) or you can also direct download trading client here.

Plus500 offers 1 : 5 leverage and daily expiry. Leverage is one of the best feature of CFDs, for example 1:5 leverage means for every dollar you deposited can be traded 5 times more in Litecoin value. In easy words if you deposited 100$ you can trade up to 500$ in Litecoins. Needles to mention, leverage can multiply your profits 5 times so does your losses. About daily expiry, if your position isn’t fulfilled by 01:00 AM then your position will be closed / cancelled automatically.

Plus500 is also offering a limited time promotional bonus of first deposits on new accounts. You can enjoy the bonus by doing following steps.

  1. Download the Plus500 trading software by CLICKING HERE
  2. Click on ‘Trade for Real
  3. Click on ‘Open a new account
  4. Click on ‘Funds Management’ in the lower left hand corner
  5. Select a deposit method
  6. Enter the bonus code (from the table below) in the deposit field
  7. The bonus amount will be added to your account once you have traded the required number of trader points

Plus500 Litecoin

Plus500 also offers MetaTrader 4, an excellent trading platforms to provide a user-friendly trading experience. Plus 500 has published instructions on how to place trades in Litecoin Daily CFDs on its website, explaining the methods by which its clients can either buy “Go Long” or sell “Go Short” on Litecoin Daily CFDs.

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Please note that by trading CFDs customers can lose all the funds deposited. Please be aware of the risks involved. Plus500 is suitable for experienced traders and not for beginners.

If you are looking forward to buy actual Litecoin and not for just trading only then follow these instructions How To Buy Litecoin With Paypal, Credit Card.


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