Anonymous Drug Marketplace SilkRoad 2 Hacked

silkroad 2 Silk Road 2, an anonymous marketplace for illegal drugs, has allegedly been hacked and robbed all of it’s Bitcoin. However, there are doubts about the credibility of this story and Silk Road users blaming this as insider job. The total amount of stolen coins are not known yet but one Computer Security Researcher, Nicholas Weaver claims […] Continue reading →

Fiverr Started Accepting Bitcoin As Payment

Bitcoin Raid In India Fiverr, one of it’s kind freelance online marketplace just announced to accept Bitcoin as payment for gags listed site wide. Fiverr is very popular in freelancers who use Fiverr to sell a variety of different services to their customers worldwide. According to an estimate, Fiverr lists more than 1 million services on the site which […] Continue reading →

Primecoin Cloud Mining Guide Using DigitalOcean

As you know Primecoin mining is currently restricted to CPU only. With the rising awareness regarding Primecoin, it is now profitable to rent cheap cloud servers and put them on mining coins. Following are the instructions to mine Primecoin on a DigitalOcean’s $5 Droplet.  Instructions : Step 1. Create an account on Digital Ocean (signup […] Continue reading →

BTC-e Under Investigation By Russian Criminal Agencies

BTC-e one of the most popular Bitcoin exchange is now under serious investigation by Bank of Russia and other Russian agencies. According to Wikipedia BTC-e was responsible for 33% of overall Bitcoin trades in October 2013. BTC-e exchange is believed to be a Russian company founded by two Russian programmers Aleksey and Alexander. Yesterday Volgograd […] Continue reading →

Russia Becomes The First Country To Completely Ban Bitcoin

Central Bank Of Russia Last week Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia) released a statement to warn their citizens to stay away away from any Bitcoin related service whether it’s mining, transfers or as payment processing. Central Bank also made it clear that any individual or company found using Bitcoin will be automatically charged with “supporting […] Continue reading →

Buy Dogecoin With PayPal Or Credit Card – Safest Way

Following are the instructions to buy / sell Dogecoin with paypal or credit card. 100% secure and safest way. Dogecoin, such another but much popular litecoin derived cryptocurrency. Dogecoin was started as a joke but it’s current market capitalization is around 61million and it stands 7th among all cryptocoins available in the market. The price […] Continue reading →

eToro Launches Bitcoin Public Trading

eToro Bitcoin Finally eToro Launches Public Beta Trading in Bitcoin (Click here) that we all have been waiting for. It’s been couple of months that they are discussing about bitcoin, and finally eToro’s OpenBook platform represents their service regarding world’s most accepted form of virtual currency.   eToro is not itself a broker but primarily a platform and a software […] Continue reading →

How Does The Future Look For Bitcoin In 2014?

Bitcoin Price 2013 Economists predict the bitcoin value to reach 10,000$ in 2014 It’s been a up and down couple of weeks for the Bitcoin market as it crashed down and jumped up in the matter of a week. In spite finishing the 2013 season with a shunt, the future of the bitcoin looks ever so bright. A […] Continue reading →

China Crash Proved : Bitcoins Are Here To Stay Long

Bitcoin China Crash Two weeks ago when reports flashed that China is going to implicate all those restrictions on the businesses of bitcoin trading, the ecosystem of bitcoin market took a huge hit. The value of bitcoin crashed like never before. For example The CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index displayed that bitcoin trading dropped down as low as $422 […] Continue reading →