Learn Everything About ICO {Initial Coin Offering} Tokens


What is ICO? ICO is an initial coin offering equal of “Kickstarter” model of crowdfunding (Or collective financing) with units of a new crypto-currency or a crypto-token being offered on a pre-sale basis. ICOs aka Initial Coin Offering are the latest phenomenon of Crypto Coins, ICOs has been drawing the attention of the investment market, And can be a great deal. But as with any medium, there are pitfalls and scams. This can have dire consequences for ill-informed investors.

Since the beginning of 2017, we can see that there has been a great growth of the ICO market, precisely because they are investment opportunities that receive practically no regulation. In contrast, this same market has become increasingly dangerous to invest because there are so many ICOs emerging that one must be careful when evaluating offers issued. We suggest our readers to carry out detailed research before investing in a company. One has to learn about companies founders, team, history and revenue model.

Are ICOs legal? There is still no right answer to that question just like if bitcoin is legal. In plain words, it’s neither legal nor illegal.

Successful ICOsEthereum is the perfect example of a successful ICOs, team ethereum raised more than $ 18 million in it’s ICO sale in 2014. Ethereum, which is based on blockchain technology, is a distributed platform of intelligent contracts powered by an asset called ether (ETH). The ICO of Ethereum was monumental for a few reasons. It was one of the first successful ICOs and served as the base model for subsequent offers since then.

Ethereum ICO was offered between 22 July 2014 to 2 September 2014. The price of ether was initially set to a discounted price of 2000 ETH per BTC where one BTC was equivalent of $600 to $700 that time, means one ETH was available for sale @ $0.35 to $0.40. As of writing this post it currently stands at $280. Therefore this would have provided those who bought in at the ICO with a fantastic return in the 3 years that have passed.

Another interesting ICO is the Golem. The creators of it aims to create a distributed and global computer rental network using blockchain technology. On the official Golem Project blog, CEO Julian Zawistowski described the Golem as “Computer Airbnb”. What Golem offers its users is the opportunity to rent CPU / GPU machines and pay in various types of crypto-coins, thereby creating a truly decentralized network of computing power leases in the cloud.

Even though we have had a few successful ICOs, we also saw many failed and scam ICOs. Therefore, it is important to treat these opportunities optimistically, but at the same time be very cautious when evaluating investments. Study the different ICOs carefully before making a decision.


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